One of my recordings with CBC National, "Coast to Coast"

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"Baba is a little goofy, but gives an excellent explanation of Ukie Christmas customs!"~Ukrainian American Coordinating Council
Baba Reads From Her Book

Hello, this your Baba speaking to you about her life. Listen up real good, maybe you learn something.

Baba going to tell you about her house goat, Sonya. Sonya want to be fashion model. Too bad she not smell so good like she look. Baba know people like this, too.

She also going to tell you about her German Shepherd/Dachshund guarding dog who bite hydro meter man, how to make decent baby shower and Crabby Apple Pie without ruining good support hose.

You want more? Buy book and invite Baba to your village to engage speaking. Just remember she going to stay in nice hotel and eat at good restaurant, not someone crappy porch with leftover. Baba already have friend who think restaurant is "5 Star" because it have 5 piece cutlery. She don't need no more mess in her life.

Don't Touch Bingo, He Bite!.mp3

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My Goat Prefer Naked.mp3

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Performance Reviews

"I was immediately impressed with her talents. She has a wonderful gift...bringing a fun and upbeat energy to each show....I would recommend Raisa without reservation. Her music and stories would truly be an asset to any festival or event."
~Maria Alexakis, Artistic Director: The Shadbolt Centre

"Raisa has spent years honing her craft, which has paid off."
~CBC Coast to Coast

"My spies tell me Raisa has become a cult-like entity around town of late. It's been packed, so get there early."~The Winnipeg Sun

"I recommend Raisa as a truly quality performer with an abundance of talent, charm and charisma which comes across well to her audience. She delivers with true professionalism."~Kate Petersen, Greater Victoria Film Commissioner

"An on stage disciple of Aretha Franklin"~Frain Corey, The Winnipeg Free Press

"Don't miss this soul diva!"~Joseph Blake, Victoria Times-Colonist
"On behalf of Music West, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your participation...Our commitment to offering educational programming of value to musicians, industry professionals and the community at large was enhanced by your association. We've received many positive comments on the vocal clinics. Congratulations on a job well done!" Maureen Jack, Executive Producer & Kathleen Troupe, General Manager: Music West Conference, Vancouver, BC

"Raisa is a master storyteller, weaving humour, song, and passion. She carries you through a paradox of emotion from tears to laughter. Her stories come from the heart, based on her life experience. The obstacles she has faced are encouragement to others that adversity can become a benefit in person’s life to build character. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a singer, storyteller, and entertainer."~Gary P. Green, Sergeant in Charge of Forensics, Victoria Police Dept. (ret), MA in Communications, Justice Institute Instructor of the Year

"She sizzled...One of the most disciplined and soulful artists I have ever had the pleasure to hear."~Cosmic Debris Musicians' Magazine