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Find shirts, mugs, tote bags and more with favorite Ukrainian sayings.

Baba's designs are printed on products made by small businesses, some family run. Substantial cottons, heavy china, premium inks, wood and metal. No sweat shop or child labour is used in their production. My products are a source of pride for me and my customers. You will find giftees delighted by their beauty and quality.

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Enjoy! Have a very Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas!
~Baba Raisa

Kicked by Duck! also offered in English. Mug has Ukrainian one side, English on other.
Pysanka mug designs from Western, Eastern and Central Ukraine, with 7 mug style options.
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Plus size. Hint: if you are larger woman, also look in men's t shirts for more plus size choices!
Also available as t shirt & mug
Dozens of Kozaky items. Click on COLLECTION below.
Also comes in Varenyky Champion!
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Ukrainian designs on nail wraps, electronics cases, Christmas and Easter products. Kozaky (cossacks) too!
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