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Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food is a rollicking journey through the 44,000 year old history of Ukraine's Indigenous people, alternately as deep and dark, playful and humorous as the Slavic soul. Author Raisa Mary Stohyn collected stories from Stalinist and Nazi refugees, along with their traditional recipes.

400 pages, 200 recipes, natural home remedies chapter.

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"Your book has us all laughing hysterically & uncontrollably! Daikoyu=thank you!"
~Ottawa Ukrainian Festival

"Long live Baba's Kitchen! This is a wonderful presentation of Ukrainian cuisine. Beautiful recipes with stories that make them come alive!"
~Professor Franklin Sciacca, Slavic Studies, Hamilton College, New York

"I thought you'd be taller."~Some woman at a book reading

"Best book ever. Reminds me of my own Baba and how she would explain things to me as a child. Anyone who had/has a Baba in their life should have this book. Mine left this world too soon, and the recipes in this book bring back such fond memories."~Tamara Glover, University of Toronto

"Baba's Kitchen is a good companion to Savella Stechishin's book [Traditional Ukrainian Cookery]. We will be presenting copies as Awards at our year end dinner."~Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles

"If you haven't met Baba Raisa, you should. Every Ukrainian should have one! If you don't have a Baba, then buy her book it's the next best thing. Your horse will love you for it!"~Halifax Ukrainian Club, West Yorkshire, UK


Hello, this your Baba speaking!

Welcome to my Ukrainian kitchen.

Baba's Kitchen:Ukrainian Soul Food is 384 page true story about survival from Soviet and Nazi terror. 

There is 200 recipe, plus chapter about Ukrainian home remedy for PMS, bald head, arthritis and twerking.

Find out what my people is protecting. We live in Eastern Europe 44,000 years already!

We is Indigenous, with rich spiritual life that include talking with Nature spirit and ancestor. Our shamanic practice is start of werewolf legend, too. Learn all about in
Baba's Kitchen.

Baba also tell you true confession from her neighbour, who kill her abusive husband with soup and vodka.

Read story about special holiday when whole village take bath together and animal in stable is talk like Mr. Ed. Ukrainian people make horse tame 5000 year ago, and is world greatest animal lover.

Cook, dance, sing like real Ukrainian.

Smachnoho! Eat good food, you!

Luyobov (love),

~Your Baba

Paska photo: A. Martiniouk, CC license 3.0
Baba's Kitchen has entire chapters of Ukrainian Easter recipes and traditions!
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