Baba's Kitchen:Ukrainian Soul Food
is 400 page true story about survival from Soviet and Nazi terror. 

There are over 200 recipes and Ukrainian home remedy for PMS, bald head, arthritis and twerking.

Find out what my people is protecting. We live in Eastern Europe 44,000 years already. We are Indigenous!


Below is full Table of Content and all book Raisa and Baba study. Where else you going to get Ukrainian recipes PLUS chapter on natural medicine?

Cheap like borshch, only Baba borshch sure don't taste cheap. Ha! First thing she going to teach you make this borshch like real Ukrainian, not some rootsy-tootsy hippie, making funny noise and funnier smell in park.

For starter, Baba teach you to shop for ingredient. Like onion. Do not use kind have green sprout at top. She busy making baby, not have time for you!

Do not never use dry dill. This taste like straw. Pah! Baba spit on it.

Use green cabbage, size your head. If leaf have wormhole, this okay. It mean cabbage not have so much chemical that bug won't eat. Peel this away and leave in store. Ignore dirty look from store worker. Who making borshch, you or him?

This is only start of our relationship, Poopchik.

Below is Free Sample Table of Content & Bibliography.

Take you lifetime to make all recipe and laugh at all of joke in Baba book!

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Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food

Table of Contents


Chapter One

Zup (Soup)

Borshch and other Ukrainian soups the traditional way, step by step. Meat and vegetarian versions. Includes clear shopping instructions: “Don't buy onion have green thing growing out from top. She busy making baby, not have time for you.” Baba reveals the soup behind the sudden death of her friend's abusive husband.

      Baba's Ukrainian Borshch

      Bismasnyy (Meatless) Borshch

      Clear Bismasnyy Borshch

      Smetana (Sour Cream) on Borshch      

      Chicken Soup      

      Soup with Vushky (Dumplings)

      Beef Stock

      Hanya's Vegetable Soup

      Baba's Ukrainian Minestrone

      Horokhivka (Pea Soup)

      Simple Vegetarian Broth      

      Hrybivka (Mushroom Soup)      

      Soviet Soup       

      McCarthy Soup


Chapter Two

Salata (Salad)

Distinguish yourself from a Neanderthal, stop lawsuits for your biting dog, learn painless thong removal.

       Baba's Original Garden Salata & Dressing       

       Baba's Dinner Salata       

       Buryak Salata (Beet Salad)       

       Buryak Salata v Krip (With Dill)

       Buryak Salata v Peretz (Pepper Beet Salad)       

       An Introduction to Potato Salad       

       Most Basic Kartoplya (Potato Salad)      

       Siberian Kartoplya with Peas       

       Ukrainian-German Warm Kartoplya       

       Sophisticated Kartoplya

       Roasted Vegetable Kartoplya

       Creamed Vegetables

       Kapusta Salata (Coleslaw)       

       Vegetable Sendvich


Chapter Three

Vegetable & Meat Dressing

The urgent romantic matter of a full fridge by your bed. Men don't leave at 3 a.m. Because they're scared of commitment. They leave because they're scared of the diet soda and lettuce leaf. Let Baba be your Mayonnaise Love Expert.

Plain Vinahret (Vinagrette) Dressing

Lemon Dressing

Smetana (Sour Cream) Dressing

Smetana v Khrin (Horse Radish) Dressing

Ukrainian Mayonnaise

Baba's Favorite Mayonnaise

Baba's High Octane Mayonnaise

Med v Mak (Honey Poppyseed) Dressing


Chapter Four

Nalysnyky i Mlyntsi (Crepes and Pancakes)

Childbirth Rituals: Bum stab a cowardly husband, tame an unruly placenta and introduce a baby to the world of love and mortgages.

Basic Nalysnyky (Crepes)

Buttermilk Nalysnyky

Linyvi (Lazy) Nalysnyky

Crepe Fillings:

Hryb (Mushroom) Filling

Savory Syr (Cottage Cheese) Filling

Sweet Syr Filling

Kapusta (Cabbage) Filling

Meat Filling

Pig Brain Filling

Orange Filling

Med (Honey) Filling

Apple Filling

     Maslanyitsya: Ukrainian Mardi Gras

  Haul the Butter Goddess around in a sleigh, light fires and throw stale pancakes at politicians.

Mlyntsi (Pancakes)

Hrechanyky (Buckwheat Pancakes)

Chapter Five

Baby Food

Chapter Six

Vesna i Velyk Den': Ukrainian Spring Traditions

Easter and Spring Equinox traditions: Colored eggs, pussy willow spankings and a monster chained to a rock.

Shynka v Med (Honey Baked Ham)

Buryak i Khrin/Tsvikli (Beet & Horseradish Relish)

More Easter recipes may be found throughout Baba’s Kitchen. Paska and Babka are in the Addendum. More examples:

Chapter Seven

Yiytsy (Eggs)

Cope with passive-aggression (getting and giving), snake bite, Einstein, Overeaters Anonymous lapses, Presbyterian sex and reluctant bachelors.

Dilled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs II to Infinity

Deviled Eggs with Mushroom Caps

Eggs in Cream

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato and Onion

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

Pickled Eggs

Perfect Plain Omelet

Mushroom and Cheese Omelet

Chapter Eight

Kurka (Chicken)

Avoid bleached blonde poisoning, learn how not to be a lame white person in New Orleans, order a black leather cardigan from the Black Leather Baba Catalogue.

Roast Kurka

Honey Lemon Garlic Roast Kurka

Kurka in Cream with Dill

Kotleta Po Kyivsky (Chicken Kyiv)

Kotleta Po Kyivsky New Orleans

Olenyicha (Venison) Winnipeg-Kyiv

Beef Donbas

Kotleta Po Kyivsky with Bacon and Asparagus

Fried Chicken in Cream

Chapter Nine

Masnyy (Meat)

Make Ukrainian Cocaine, learn a heartwarming Ukrainian folk song: My Mother Beat Me With a Birch Rod, tenderize meat under your saddle.


Son of Huliash

Zayitz (Meat Loaf)

Plain Zayitz

Stuffed Zayitz

Bytky (Pounded Steak)

Ukrainian Pepper Steak

Garlic Xlib (Bread)

Garlic Croutons

Roast Beef

Shashlyk (Shishkebob)


Chapter Ten
Sichenyky i Zrazy (Meatballs and Patties)

Nude encounter groups, cooking with a fly swatter, why your meat balls are too small and JK Rowling is just plain wrong about Dobby.

Sichenyky (Meat Patties)

Zrazy (Ukrainian Meat Balls)

Zrazy v Khrin (Horseradish Stuffed Meat Balls)

Spinach (Vegetarian) Sichenyky

Chapter Eleven

Svyata Vecherya: Rizdvo/Winter Solstice/Ukrainian Christmas

Christmas Eve is Svyata Vecherya, Koruksun, Rizdvo: Holy Eve, Day of the Dead, and Winter Solstice/Christmas traditions. Talking animals, hungry ancestors, golden sky horses and pudding on the ceiling. Menus for these holidays are referenced to other chapters. Also:

Hrustyky (Icicles or Sweet Nothings)

Kolach (Circle of Life Bread)

Svyata Vecherya (Holy Eve) Clean up

Chapter Twelve

Hryby (Mushrooms)

Seduce and poison Nazis, the organic way. Baba is a mushroom picking expert!

Hrybova Pidlyva (Mushroom Sauce)

Easy Pickled Hryby (Pickled Mushrooms)

Hryby i Smetana (In Sour Cream)

Fried Hryby

Battered Hryby

Baked Hryby (Baked Mushrooms)

Hryby Baked with Goat Cheese (Mushrooms with Goat Cheese)

Hryb Sichenyky ( Mushroom Patties)

Chapter Thirteen

Varenyky i Vushky (Perogies and Dumplings)

Why the sexy, desperate women on your favorite TV shows are barking up the wrong dog. Lazy varenyky for your lazy self.


Syr (Cottage Cheese) Filling

Non-Dairy Dough

Kartoplya (Potato) Filling

Kapusta (Sauerkraut) Filling

Linyvi (Lazy) Varenyky Lazy Perogies 

Linyvi Varenyky with Kartoplya Dough

Dessert Varenyky: Slyva (Plum) and Berry

Vushky (Ear Dumplings)

Hryb (Mushroom) Filling

Fish or Meat Filling for Varenyky, Perogies

Chapter Fourteen

Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls)

Sabotage hippies and nasty neighbors, be a Cadillac kozak, peel cabbage in a trailer park.

Bismasnyy (Meatless) Holubtsi

Hryb (Mushroom)

Kasha (Buckwheat)

Kasha i Syr (Cheese)

Kasha i Hryb (Mushrooms)

      With Meat (or Vegetarian Ground Beef)

Linyvi (Lazy) Holubtsi

Smetana (Sour Cream) Sauce

Chapter Fifteen

Syr (Cottage Cheese)

Baba Riddle: What's the difference between a cheese dumpling submerged in water, and a kid holding its breath?

Answer: Don't wait for the dumpling to turn blue. It won't. Ha!

Syr Dip, Cheese Dip

Syr Spread, Cheese Spread

Syr Halushky (Cheese Dumplings)

Crazy Gourmet Syr Halushky

Syrnychky (Cottage Cheese Patties)

Chapter Sixteen

Riba (Lake Fish)

Skinny dip with flair, catch trout with your bathing suit, allow men to be men---as long as they keep the massage oil flowing.

Baked Stuffed Riba, Fish

Alternate Rice Stuffing for Fish

Fried Riba, fish

Crazy Mixed Up Riba Balls, Fish Balls, Fish Patties

Panfried Sole

Chapter Seventeen
Ocean Fish


Scurvy Dog Baba gets seduced by a pair of black eyebrows and lives to cook and love again.

Ukrainian Pirate Baked Ocean Fish

Pickled Whitefish

Oseledets (Pickled Herring)

Oseledets (Herring) Spread

Sardine Spread

Oseledets Salata (Herring Salad)

Chapter Eighteen

Pechenya (Stew)

In Ukraina we say, So long as there is cabbage and potato, house is not empty. Baba herself never seen house with only these thing. Is usually at least couch and television. But you never know.

Kalempetsya (Mushroom Stew)

Baba’s Ukrainian-Canadian Caribou Stew

Road Kill Stew

Carpathian-Canadian Lamb Stew

Kapusta i Horokh (Sauerkraut and Peas)

Chapter Nineteen

Kartoplya (Potatoes)

First aid for grated knuckles, permission to eat plenty of fat, what to feed annoying dinner drop ins.

Creamed Potatoes

Potatoes With Salo (Ukrainian Cocaine)

Oven-Fried Potatoes

Potato and Cheese Bake

Grated Potato Bake

Deruny (Potato Pancakes)

Chapter Twenty

Grains and Beans

The Ukrainian Banya (Bath House): Spirits and rituals. Why a cold prickly hand on your rump is bad news in more ways than one. Incredible vegetarian dishes for around a dollar.


Baked Kasha (Buckwheat)

Ukrainian Pilaf

Kasha Casserole

Kasha Sichenyky (Patties)

Kasha Loaf

Kutya (Sweet Grain Pudding)

Fasolia (White Bean Pate)

Kulesha (Corn Meal Pudding)

Fried Kulesha

Chapter Twenty One

Lokshyna (Egg Noodles)

Baba tears up a golf course on horse back, the Ukrainian origin of Constitutional freedoms, and the simplest noodle recipes ever.

Basic Lokshyna

Lokshyna and Spinach Casserole

Lokshyna v Syr (Cottage Cheese)

Lokshyna v Yiytsy (Eggs)

Baked Lokshyna v Syr

Lokshyna and Meat Casserole

Lokshyna and Kapusta (Cabbage) Casserole

Festive Lokshyna Ring

Fried Cooked Lokshyna (Snack or Garnish)

Egg Drop Noodles

Hrybok (Easy Omelet Noodles)


Chapter Twenty Two

Pidlyvi (Sauces)

Liven up dry mammoth, whole grains and parties.

Slyva (Plum) Sauce

Slyva Butter, Plum Butter

Khrin i Smetana (Horse Radish) Pidlyva

Tartar Sauce

Kropova Pidlyva (Dill), Dill Sauce

Smetana (Sour Cream) with Green Onion Sauce

Honey Onion Sauce

Chapter Twenty Three


Part (1) Ivana Kupala: Summer Solstice Erotic Rituals. The village that bathes together, stays together. Sexy Ukrainian songs, talking trees and stalking the elusive fire flower.

Vyshnya (Cherry) Charlotte

Rohalyky (Almond Crescents)

Kozak Honey Mousse

Part (2) Non-traditional recipes for pie. Because who would believe a grandma book with no pie? And Baba is so good at making them.

Kozak Crab Apple Pie (with Whisky)

Perfect Pie Crust

Crab Apple Pie (No Whisky)

Cherry, Apple, Raspberry Pie

Peach or Nectarine Pie

Saskatoon Pie

Gooseberry Pie

Blueberry Pie

Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb with Berries Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Tasty Sugarless Pie

Part (3) Ahhhh. Back to traditional Ukrainian desserts. Drink of the gods, fermented honey cake, wild rose preserves on apple cake. Learn Baba's First Law of Thermal Underwear, essential to baking.

Uzvar (Fruit Stew)

Yabluchnyk (Apple Cake)

Rozha z Tzukhrom (Wild Rose Preserves)

Medivnyk (Honey Cake)

Medivnyk Muffins (Honey Muffins)

Chocolate Medivnyk (Chocolate Honey Cake)

Syrnyk (Cheesecake)

Perekladadanets (Coffee Cake)

Pampushky (Filled Doughnuts)

      Savory Pampushky (Bulochki) are in Addendum.

Chapter Twenty Four

Mak (Poppy Seed)

Baba runs afoul of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with her opium (or is it?) poppy crop, then gets her man.

Mak Cookies

Mak Cake

Makivnyk (Roll)

Chapter Twenty Five

Ukrainski Medytsyna (Ukrainian Natural Medicine)

Deal with yeast infections, baldness, arthritis, colds, bruises, cracked nipples and PMS using common foods and plants. Home remedies, natural remedies, homeopathy, folk medicine.

      Rose Hip Tea

      Med (Honey)

       Honey Lemon Tea

Arthritis Remedies

Facial Mask

Baldness Cure

More Honey Remedies

Babka (Plantain)

Malyna (Raspberry)

PMS cure

Kalyna (Cranberry)

      Yeast Infection Cure: Garlic remedy

     Addendum: Special Xliby (Breads)


      Special Prayers for Paska


      Perizhky (Yeast Raised Buns)

      Perizhky Fillings:

           Kapusta (Sauerkraut)

           Syr (Cheese) Filling

           Hryby (Mushroom) Filling

           Masnyy (Meat) Filling

                    Whole Wheat Honey Bread

         Garlic Bulochki (Dinner Rolls or Savory Pampushky)

Please note: Kolach is in Svyata Vecherya, Chapter 11.

About the USSR, Soviets and Russia


Two Poems


Love Ukraine by Volodymyr Sosiyura

The Horsewoman of Chornobyl by Raisa Stone



Baba's Kitchen Bibliography 3rd Edn.pdf Baba's Kitchen Bibliography 3rd Edn.pdf
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Baba's Kitchen Table of Contents 3rd Edn.pdf Baba's Kitchen Table of Contents 3rd Edn.pdf
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Type : pdf