"I absolutely LOVE this book. My grandma passed when I was seven, and I still cry when I remember her Love for me. Over the years when I cooked the Ukrainian recipes, I felt her standing behind me, and as I tasted, I heard her say words of advice. And now as I read through your book, it is like cooking with my grandmother. Your stories have a voice in my heart as I laugh and learn. My mom remembers stories from her and she passed when I was young but your book gives me a small bit of what my spirit has missed. THANK YOU."~Kate Almeter, Rochester, New York

"Long live Baba's Kitchen! This is a wonderful presentation of Ukrainian cuisine. Beautiful recipes with stories that make them come alive!"~Professor Franklin Sciacca, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York

"Best book ever. Reminds me of my own Baba and how she would explain things to me as a child. Anyone who had/has a Baba in their life should have this book. Mine left this world too soon, and the recipes in this book bring back such fond memories." ~Tamara Glover, University of Toronto

"Baba's Kitchen is a good companion to Savella Stechishin's book [Traditional Ukrainian Cookery]. We will be presenting copies as Awards at our year end dinner."~Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles

"I bought this book after randomly discovering Baba's YouTube video about a Ukrainian curse, which made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself. What a delight to discover the entire book is written in the same voice! I can't vouch for a single recipe, because since I've received the cookbook, I've done nothing but read all the stories aloud to my family and we've all been laughing until our sides hurt and we can't breathe.

Raisa Stone is a genius. I pity those poor reviewers whose boring babas would never tell outrageous or insulting stories---because Raisa has perfectly captured the spirit of my own wonderful baba, who I
miss every single day precisely because she was never afraid to speak her mind. I cannot thank the author enough for allowing me to bring my baba to life.~J. Hodges

"Baba gives an excellent explanation of Ukie Christmas customs!"
~Ukrainian American Coordinating Council

"If you haven't met Baba Raisa, you should. Check her out. Every Ukrainian should have one! If you can't have a Baba, then buy her book it's the next best thing. No doubt it helps to supplement her pension. Be a Kozak and do something good for once! Your horse will love you for it."~Halifax Ukrainian Club, West Yorkshire, UK

Note from Baba: yes, I am physically disabled and income from book is important to me. Daikoyu!


"Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre of Winnipeg is one of North America's largest Ukrainian non-profit heritage resource centres, containing a museum, art gallery, library and archives.

We had the pleasure of sponsoring a performance by Raisa Stohyn (Reisa Stone), based upon her partly fictionalized books of cultural history. She seamlessly acted out a montage of the immigrant experience, woven with creative material from her vivid imagination. She took the audience through a spectrum of emotions. Raisa engaged the full house with song, and to their delight, gave hilarious interpretations of traditional lyrics and proverbs, combined with pointed commentary on contemporary society.

Winnipeg has the largest Ukrainian population of any Canadian city, and we regard Raisa's work as a cultural treasure. She is well known and respected nationally. Her book, "Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food", was chosen by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for their grand prize package commemorating the 125th anniversary of settlement.

Oseredok first encountered Raisa's work through her prolific Hello Poopchik! social media videos. This woman has created a fan base who greet each other with the affectionate term for "belly button."

We had smooth transactions throughout, from arranging her performance and book sales long distance, to her professional poster designs and media contacts. She even took her own quality head shots and designed the posters (along with her book cover). In fact, we engaged her to design Oseredok's Christmas event poster.

She clearly considers every detail to create an authentic performance. This is not easy when presenting cultural material to a critical audience: elderly immigrants, young people exploring their roots, and academics. She was also able to play with spontaneous comments from attendees.

We were proud to have this wildly creative artist perform at Oseredok, and hope to have her return.
~Yulia Zmerzla, Operations Manager: Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre of Winnipeg
"Hysterically funny and full of wit & wisdom. As a wee Ukie kid growing up with a traditional family in the rural prairies, this book is peppered with truth, memories and the recipes for the delicious morsels that Baba used to lovingly prepare & feed to us. A+++ would recommend."~Jamie Derhak

More Reviews

"OMG! What a great book. So funny and full of interesting stories. I highly recommend."~Greta P. Zeimetz, Executive Director of NALA, the National Paralegal Association

"The recipes are from way back when.....truly "origin"-al. Some I remember my mother making, and some I am intrigued with and am going to try. I love Baba's sense of humour and wonderful stories. She is just so unique. I visualize that my own Baba would have been like this. I don't remember my Baba as we left Europe when I was 3; I am now 69. Thank you so much Baba for this amazing book....I truly treasure it!"~Sally Korneychuk, Goodreads

"I loved this book so much that I bought 10 for sisters and nieces as Christmas and birthday gifts. The recipes are authentic and presented in easy to read and follow format. It is an absolute great collection of authentic dishes and will remind you of your mother and grandmothers cooking. But also will remind you of the great fun of preparing meals with the women in your family---of preparing meals with mom and baba and sisters---always with a great sense of humour and laughing (great super memories). The author has caught that sense of family together, preparing meals with warmth and laughter. I would highly recommend this book not only for the great recipes but also for the stories told with love and care, and best of all, with humour."~Fialka

"Everything I expected in a Ukrainian Cook Book. Now I can cook like my dear Mother!"~Monty White

"Wonderful authentic recipes, written with humour and plenty of sass! The food turns out delicious, and you are entertained while you cook. It's like having Baba right there in the kitchen with you, insisting that you do just things the way she wants and even though it kind of drives you crazy, she's always right! I have only had nalysnyky (crepes) with cottage cheese filling, so I tried the recipe with mushroom filling and it was delicious! I'm looking forward to trying more recipes and reading through all of Baba's stories."~Tasenka Kushner, Abbotsford BC

"Filled with humour and written with love, this cookbook is perfect for those of us who want to connect with our Ukrainian ancestry and traditions, even if we are three generations removed from "da olt country". I love that the book is "peppered" with folksy colloquial language, and cultural tidbits. It has recipes for dishes that I remember my own Baba talking about, but that I never got to try while she was alive. This book sits proudly on my shelf of most-used cookbooks, right beside the much more academic (and nearly impossible to find copies) Traditional Ukrainian Cookery by Savella Stechishin. Thank you Raisa (aka Baba) for your entertaining book and video blog!"

"Touches of hilarious humour and Ukrainian history enrich traditional recipes from Ukraine, narrated from the perspective of a 'seen it all' Ukrainian Baba! The author , Raisa Stone, from Winnipeg, Manitoba is a poet and Ukrainian culture enthusiast, and she has done a remarkable job of combining many things beyond food in this charming 'cook book'.~Beryl Johnson

"Five Stars!
Excellent recipes & very entertaining...hilarious!!!!"~Sylvia Senchuk

"The most fun you'll have with recipes. Buy this book for the fantastic recipes and insights to the wildly lovable mind of Baba (and perhaps Ukrainians in general). Stretch your stomach muscles first because you will LAUGH HARD from the brilliant humor. Seriously, even if you don't cook just reading this author is a gas. I really liked the simple perspective on the bigger life pictures within, the down-to-earth spiritual comments about consciously healthy food for mind, body and planet. This book is wonderful."~Jason Matthews, author of The Big Bang

"This is the cookbook I have needed most of my life. Raisa Stone, as Baba, is historian, storyteller, comic and chef. The recipes are traditional Ukrainian ones and every single one I have made elicits comments, "That tastes just like my mom's, my grandma's, my aunt's...." I haven't been disappointed yet.

As she weaves stories around each recipe, they come to life for me...You will not be disappointed. The only recipe I inherited from my Ukrainian side was my grandma's perogie (varenky) dough recipe - this book has helped me make many of the dishes I enjoyed at her table. To me, it's a treasure.
~Karen Kosteniuk, Alberta

What a fantastic read!!!! Not only does this book have great, authentic recipes that are easy to follow, it's also informative and very entertaining. Stone is able to present recipes, their origins and significance in a readable manner that also makes even the most serious cook chuckle as they read the book. On my bedside table when not being used in the kitchen. A must read for anyone interested in Ukrainian cooking and culture."~Lesia Dorniak-Wall, Adelaide, South Australia

"One of the funniest cookbooks ever written. Five stars. Not only are the recipes tasty, but the stories in between are hilarious!! This is the only cookbook I ever read cover to cover. Recipes work whether or not you have Ukrainian ancestors, whether you are Canadian or American, or are actually Ukrainian. Buy two and give one to your sister or best friend!"~Janet A. Wencer, Bethpage, New York

"When I ordered this book, I was honestly looking for a cookbook. We recently spent over two months in Ukraine adopting two children. Now that we are home, my 14 year old daughter and I like to cook together.

I had no idea how incredibly funny this book would be. After reading the first chapter on how to make Borshch, I could not put the book down! I was crying, I was laughing so hard during some of her cooking advice, and I am pretty sure I snorted a few times too.

Baba's voice is so true to life. It sounds very similar to how my children speak while they are learning English. In the midst of giving cooking advice in a hilarious and sometimes irreverent manner, the author also gives history lessons about the country that won over my heart recently and gave me two beautiful additions to my family. It's a country that takes great pride in their natural, flavorful food. If you can't get to Ukraine to try the cuisine for yourself, this is the next best thing!

Last Saturday I stained my new copy of this book with beet juice making Baba's recipe for Borshch. The soup took all day to make, and while it was cooking to perfection, I had time to read the story of a woman who murdered her no-good husband with sugar and Baba's opinion of women who wear thongs. Priceless! When the Borshch was finally ready to eat, my Ukrainian children claim it was the best they had ever eaten. Thanks, Baba! I couldn't have pulled that off without you!"~Noelle Boisvert-Roach, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

"The best of Ukrainian cooking! Finally found a cookbook with classic Ukrainian recipes done in the classic Ukrainian manner. Delicious and true to the Ukrainian soul, as the title suggests. Thank you, Raisa Stone, for your top culinary skills, your wonderful humor and for your stories which brought back stories my parents told. Reading this glorious cookbook was like having them by my side in more ways than one. You won't be disappointed in this cookbook!"
~Dave Garrison, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"Five Stars! Excellent book. Wisdom and humour mixed into a cookbook. Love it!"

~Laurissa Werhun, McGraw-Hill Ryerson textbook author, Toronto

"This collection of recipes and lore is priceless. Beautiful and interesting preparation instructions plus Baba's jokes and Baba's Laws. So sweet and many recipes I have not seen before. If you're interested in Ukrainian food and traditions, this book is a great buy!"

"This has charmed many tears of happy memories of my own Baba! Reading this book has brought me back to my youth growing up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan. Thank you for taking me back home!"~Tamara on Goodreads

"OMG! Calling all my Ukrainian cousins!
Check this out and tell me this does NOT take you back to Baba's house in Barrhead! At last, there is a Social Media Baba!"~Ray Suchow, Edmonton

"Five Stars: Purchase of the Year.
This book is hilarious and so true to the women of our culture. I can hear my grandmothers speaking to me through it. Worth every penny!"~Reader

"I loved this. It's not a cook book and it's not (really) an advice book, it's something unique, funny, compelling and totally original. And as a bonus there are recipes thrown in. Baba is an amazing woman and anyone who doesn't appreciate her words of wisdom is obviously missing something vital from their soul. Have fun with Baba, and maybe learn to cook as well."~Jill McCaw, McCaw Media, New Zealand

"Reads the way my Grandmother talked! This is a cookbook and good 'story' all rolled into one. It reads the way my grandmother and her sisters talked, so of course I enjoyed it. If you want an A-B-C, step by step Ukrainian cookbook without the conversational "flavor" this one has, Baba's Kitchen may not be for you.

That said, if you don't mind your Baba standing over your shoulder telling you how to make these recipes correctly, while filling your head with entertaining and sometimes unrelated conversational anecdotes (all of them worth hearing) along the way, this cookbook is worth having. Unlike every other Ukrainian cookbook I looked through, it has all of the recipes I was looking for, plus a little history and grandmotherly Ukrainian wisdom peppered in along the way. I like that!
~Linda Freeman, Kansas City, Missouri

"Cooking borshch and laughing. This book is like a trip back to Ukraine, complete with the nit picking comments on how I do things. Hilarious. Buy. This. Book."
~Garthrey D. Sponseler, New Haven, Indiana

"Baba, I received your book yesterday. How can one cook recipes if laughing at every page?"~Lidia Bodnar Cloherty, Boston, Massachusetts

"Really interesting recipes if Ukrainian culture and cooking is important to you; plus, it's very funny! For 'adult' cookbook readers only though due to many racy folkloric tales."~Lettie

"Amazing book! Couldn't stop laughing, and the recipes are authentic Ukrainian!"~April Adam

"Hilarious book - made me laugh so much. Great Ukrainian recipes which reminded me of my Mum's cooking. Love the book."~Luba Ryder, Perth, Australia

"This is Ukrainian soul food to keep up tradition!!! Love this book! The little traditional sections are super!"~Mrs. E. Sichak, UK

"You can open this book anywhere and pee your pants laughing. Baba has a unique peasant voice and wonderful advice, like not using the onion with a green top because, 'That one is busy making baby. Have no time for you.'

The recipes are healthy as they champion fresh milk and locally grown produce over food we buy at the "stupormarket". The stories are also timely as Baba makes clear her hate for the Soviets and what they did to her family."
~Kathy Hunter, WA

"Baba Rules!
This is the most amazing book – never mind cookbook – that I have read in the longest time. Tanks be to God for Baba!!!"~Reader
"Raisa, I have just gotten your book Baba's Kitchen:Ukrainian Soul Food and I cannot tell you how absolutely enjoyable it was to read. I have never seen quite such a unique book such as yours. I will be buying a copy for each of my sisters and friends as birthday and Christmas gifts. Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous!"
Natalie Tarasiuk Korsh, Toronto

"This book is delightful. It not only provides Ukrainian recipes; Baba gives tips for all around culinary expertise. It is also loaded with history and humor. I have never sat down and read a cookbook like a novel but this one is an exception. You will not be disappointed no matter what your heritage may be."~Yuri's Mom

"Great book! Full of fun authentic stories and scrumptious recipes from Ukraine."
~Ivanna Bilych, New York, New York

"I finally bought Baba book from Four Corners Cafe. Jesse Romanyshyn recommended it. My husband, Bill laughed and said finally maybe I can cook good food, I said maybe Baba has a recipe to make his hair grow back.
He was quiet after that.

I wanted this book for a long time! I enjoy reading the stories as well as learning authentic Ukrainian dishes to cook for my family. I will be sharing these recipes with my daughters and teaching them how to cook too! A lovely book with something for everyone, you feel like Baba is turning the pages with you!
I am so excited to read this book, thank you so much for this, I look forward to making traditional food with my two daughters!"

~Mattie Romanyshyn, Belfield, South Dakota

"Five Stars: Recipes are good- I laughed all the way through- can't wait for the second volume!"~Michele Iwanus, Chatelaine Magazine Recipe Finalist, Camrose, Alberta

"I LOVE this book. I laughed out loud on so many occasions while reading it. After getting through the first reading I actually had to go back to find the recipes (I skimmed through them to get to more of Baba's great stories and advice). Turns out the recipes are great too! I've made a few of them and taken Baba's advice on many other occasions. I highly recommend this book, even if you don't cook!"~Mendy Boyd, Tennessee

"Love this book with its little stories and website with videos to go with it! Raisa Stone does an excellent job in making these recipes and taste of culture easily accessible. The variety of dishes are well researched and interesting and can be used by those of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian heritage alike. Raisa takes on the role of "baba," meaning grandmother, in her videos and the book is written through the voice of an Ukrainian grandmother who has an accent. Through this book you will get an glimpse of Ukrainian traditions, holidays, and foods."
~Halyna Shepko, New Paltz, New York

"Five Stars: Wonderful stories and good tasting recipes. Loved the lazy wife's pirogies and the lazy wife's stuffed cabbage. Good gift to your Ukrainian friends.Visit Baba's web site and her YouTube videos."~Reader

"Five Stars: Hilarious, and wonderful recipes too!"~Lilly Bylen, Westchester, Illinois

Baba receive poetry from Bill Debiuk, British Columbia, after library reading: "This was an evening of cultural epiphany! Hurtful Bohunk lacerations vanished under Baba's matriarchal balms. Recipes that mixed sweet honey with garlic, became metaphors for the laughter spicing pungent horrors in our ancient culture. Entertaining and inspiring. Bravo!"

This book is funny, entertaining, and instructional all rolled into one. You don't have to be Ukrainian to fall in love with this book. These are stories and recipes that anyone can enjoy, Ukie or not. I loved it so much I bought for a friend."~Stephanie Dowbusz, Austin, Texas

The food is heavenly! I tried making Holubtsi before from many recipes including hit video instructions on YouTube and other books, never have I eaten better Holubtsi than from the simple recipes in this book! And the rest is consistently good - the Roast Kurka is amazing, so is the Roast Beef and many others.

My husband is Moroccan, they have a brilliant food heritage and I felt bad for my Ukrainian roots. Not anymore. My husband can't have enough of my Ukrainian cooking and you should have seen his surprised face after he had a first bite!

Highly recommended. Buy it and cook from it."
~R. Vaktra, UK

"Loads of fun and info on life in a Ukrainian Village. I can still hear my Baba saying, "Oi Yoi Yoi!"~Nancy L. Broad, Connecticut

"Cooking the recipes from your book and newsletters has been a blessing to my mom. We still have your books next to the cash register, and I'm still a huge fan of you and your work. We sold a lot over our Ukrainian Festival and want to sell more here and at our Ukrainian center at next year's festival, with the funds going to the Ukrainian humanitarian aid fund that was established here following a symposium speaker we had who was in Kyiv during Maidan."
~Jessie Romanyshyn, Four Corners Cafe & Ukrainian Gift Shop, Belfield, South Dakota

"Have just taken delivery of this book, glanced at one page and I know I'm hooked. Haven't laughed at a book so much in ages and can't wait to read the whole thing. Being of Ukrainian descent I can really relate to Baba and like to think that my Babas would've been the same if I'd ever known them. I can't wait to try the recipes as most of them use real food, god forbid anything tinned!! But this book is also food for the soul too....I like it so much (seriously after only reading one page!!) that I'm ordering extra copies as presents for my sisters and girlfriends....genius!"
~A. Kuszta, UK

"With her pen name 'Baba,' Reisa has concocted a delightful cook book inspired by her many passions and her Ukrainian roots. It’s a lark into a wonderful world – with some horse friendly recipes built right in!"~Marti McGinnis/Iota McHippus, Celebrity Mini Horse, Lexington, Kentucky

"Five Stars: Great book!"~John H. Juzyn, CT

"I have a weakness for cookbooks that I can read, and this one has got to be my all-time favorite! Baba is a great teacher, the recipes all look wonderful, but I don't think I have ever had so many laughs from a cookbook.

You are truly led into another world when she talks about Ukraine. And where else do you find advice on how to use duct tape (I laughed out loud)? Thanks Baba, for a great read!"~Linda Doggett, Dayton, Ohio

"I love it. It is funny and filled with great recipes and tips!"~Christina Laryssa Fylonenko, Farmington Hills, Michigan

"Just finished reading this book and have to say I am very happy that I bought it. It was quite funny and the recipes were pretty darned good too. I used to have a Ukrainian baba (we called her Babcia, may her memory be eternal) and reading this book made me think of her. I will be recommending this to Ukie friends."~Donald Davidson, The Cooking Bear, Topeka, Kansas

(Baba say, "Just better not be Soviet bear!")

"I found many recipes that I had been searching for since my time in the Carpathians in 2010. The one I looked for the most was a mushroom soup that to my pleasant surprise was here. I have cooked for friends and family since I recieved the book and 4 people have loved it so much they have ordered copies of their own. The humor is Ukranian and part of what made me fall in love with Ukraine since my first visit there."~Roberto Marquez. New Mexico

"I am interested in Polish food and was intrigued by the book description. Ukrainian food (and attitudes!!) has much in common with Polish food, and there are many many recipes here. But to call this a cookery book doesn't do it justice it at all!

'Baba' is hilarious. She teaches the hapless wannabe Ukrainian cook (that's the reader) how to make the food that she has always made, and as she does this (and tells you off roundly for your failings in the kitchen!) she chats away telling tales of her life, and anything else that occurs.

Baba is a person, she has a voice. She is so cleverly written that her voice comes over loud and strong and so so funny!

I'll tell you a secret....... I'm part of an Anglo-Polish family (that's not the secret!), although not Polish myself, and have family members in Poland. I have developed a love of Poles and their food. I have a friend who has a similar love of Poland...and we have alter-egos called "Dollink"- we write to each other in character and have lots of fun trying to outdo each other in "dollink- ness". Of course Dollink is a Polish emigre, not Ukrainian. Reading this book - Baba is so like Dollink it's uncanny! I told my friend about Baba and she bought the book immediately - together we laugh uproariously at this kindred spirit. I showed my daughter the book, without explanation .....she read a page and looked at me and said "it's dollink!"

The recipes are given in conversational style, but at the end of each there's a precise list of ingredients too. Experimentation is encouraged, so you can make Baba's recipes your own, and provide endless variety to the many recipes already in the book (I don't know how many, and I don't know how many pages, I didn't count them .... There are a lot!).

None of the TV cooks go to central and Eastern Europe. The food there is overlooked, and that's a huge pity. This food is great, it is healthy and filling and, for these straightened times, it can be economical too. Buy this book for the "Baba" entertainment value - then try the food!

I absolutely intend to cook like Baba, using her recipes. But when I want a laugh, entertainment, or just good reading, I turn to Baba too."

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"This is the best cookbook I've ever seen. I haven't made one recipe from it, but the laughs are worth everything. The recipes are probably good ones too. It sounds like Baba knows what she is talking about. Need a good laugh or two? You will be rolling on the floor."~Rhonda Kalmitz, Oklahoma

"I'm halfway through this book and I love it! I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes. But more than anything else, I love Baba's voice. It feels like she's right there in the kitchen with me, and boy, I'd better smarten up :-)"~Deniz Bevan, writer, Switzerland

"OMG be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt. I picked up this book because of the reviews and let me tell you that I am so glad that I did. Baba is one cool, and very funny grandma who I would love to spend the day with cooking lol!

Baba kept me rolling on the floor with laughter until my sides hurt and I really think that everyone should give this comedic cookbook (who would have thought that they would see those two words together lol...comedic cookbook lol) a try...believe me, you will be glad that you did :-)  Your tummy just may thank you for it as well  LOL."~Elizabeth Anderson, Toront0

"I have this lovely lady's soul food book. It's one of the best books I've ever had. Good Ukrainian recipes. Her book has history too. She is so funny and down to earth. I can't wait to try the recipes, but I've not stopped laughing as I read. Buy it and see for yourself. It's BRILL! By the way, Baba means 'grandma' in Ukraine."~Jean Makorkij, UK

"I bought this for my Kindle when it first came out.......hilarious!!!!!! Laughed out loud at some of the stories!!!! The recipes are excellent, have ordered the paperback now, so will enjoy reading it again!"~Chris P., UK

"Very funny, highly informative, great recipes."~Cyberyetti

"Bought this as a gift for a friend of Ukrainian descent. She loves it and I can't wait to taste the recipes."~Eileen McMurdo, UK

"I laughed my dupa off. So nice to go down memory lane . Read it for the culture as well as the recipes. Can't wait for her next book."~A Uke in NJ

"Absolutely charming. I had a smile on my face the entire time reading it. She also gives a short history of Ukraine as well the war in present day Ukraine. Her commentary was more interesting than the recipes."~Alex Hoag
"Culinary stand-up comedy! I've never thought of reading a cookbook for pure entertainment until I discovered Baba's Kitchen. This delightful book would have even Lily Tomlin in stitches.

Not only is it one heck of a belly laugh, it also has recipes for good, old fashioned, tasty meals that nourish both body and soul. So many modern cookbooks insist on sugar replacements (that kill brain cells) and non-fat ingredients (not to mention non-taste), but not Baba.

In her recipe for Kurka (Chicken) Soup, Baba says, 'Never mind this diet-schmiet peel off skin. Is yellow chicken fat that make so much flavour...'

If you want to make cooking a fun and hilarious experience, Raisa Marika Stohyn's Ukrainian Soul Food  is a must read. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make some of Baba's High Octane Mayonnaise."~Paddy Head, BC, author of Fixed, pioneering female jockey

"Grandma on floor laughing so hard cannot stop. Maybe die from laughing. Grandma cannot get up from floor. Baba, who is Ukrainian Grandma, SO so funny. She say very wise sayings. She give good advice. Baba say, 'If they bring you shopping bag full of zucchini and also zucchini loaf, you know they both desperate and hate your guts.'

Grandma thinks Baba SO TRUE! Baba, she knows how to cook, all good food. Baba say beef stock in can read label, all factory floor sweepings. Baba say, 'Cook till dark as real hair color.' How she know? Baba SO funny! Grandma say Baba's book very good, make you laugh, mebbe you learn cook too."~Grandma, New Hampshire

(Note from Baba: Baba don't know why this lady talking so strange. Must be something they put in water in United State. If you living in North America, maybe learn to speak good English, like Baba.)

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Performance Reviews

"I was immediately impressed with her talents. She has a wonderful gift...bringing a fun and upbeat energy to each show....I would recommend Raisa without reservation. Her music and stories would truly be an asset to any festival or event."
~Maria Alexakis, Artistic Director: The Shadbolt Centre

"Raisa has spent years honing her craft, which has paid off."
~CBC Coast to Coast

"My spies tell me Raisa has become a cult-like entity around town of late. It's been packed, so get there early."~The Winnipeg Sun

"I recommend Raisa as a truly quality performer with an abundance of talent, charm and charisma which comes across well to her audience. She delivers with true professionalism."~Kate Petersen, Greater Victoria Film Commissioner

"An on stage disciple of Aretha Franklin"~Frain Corey, The Winnipeg Free Press

"Don't miss this soul diva!"~Joseph Blake, Victoria Times-Colonist

"On behalf of Music West, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your participation...Our commitment to offering educational programming of value to musicians, industry professionals and the community at large was enhanced by your association. We've received many positive comments on the vocal clinics. Congratulations on a job well done!" Maureen Jack, Executive Producer & Kathleen Troupe, General Manager: Music West Conference, Vancouver, BC

"Raisa is a master storyteller, weaving humour, song, and passion. She carries you through a paradox of emotion from tears to laughter. Her stories come from the heart, based on her life experience. The obstacles she has faced are encouragement to others that adversity can become a benefit in person’s life to build character. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a singer, storyteller, and entertainer."~Gary P. Green, Sergeant in Charge of Forensics, Victoria Police Dept. (ret), MA in Communications, Justice Institute Instructor of the Year

"She sizzled...One of the most disciplined and soulful artists I have ever had the pleasure to hear."~Cosmic Debris Musicians' Magazine