Ukrainian Gerdan + Earrings
Unique black and gold design. Taken from our ancestral Scythian gold combined with traditional black, for endurance and Mother Earth. $119.00 Canadian, + $20 shipping in US and Canada.

Instant e-book download. This is a 400 page .pdf. Print one shopping list or recipe at a time, prop on kitchen counter for easy cooking! $9.99 Canadian

Ukrainian Gerdan + Earrings. Baba have only one set  for sale! Very difficult to get these days. Red and black traditional glass bead jewelry, handwoven. Intricate design of both sun for abundance, and poppies for protection and love. $119.00 Canadian, + $20 shipping in US and Canada. Please note color varies with your PC monitor. On my monitor, dark red is best description: gerdan on left.

Vintage Soviet-era hustka, pure wool. Only one available. New condition. 31"x 31". $95.00 Canadian + $20 shipping US & Canada.
Vivid turquoise hustka, acrylic. 36" X 36" (9 square feet). $60 Canadian plus $20 shipping US & Canada.
Ukraine charity e-book. Instant download .pdf. 78 vivid Easter photos.
$9.99 Canadian.
Policies: Returns not accepted unless item has been damaged in shipping. Request must be accompanied by clear photos of damage and packaging.