Burgundy & Orange Gerdan
23". $119.95 Canadian, + $20 shipping to US and Canada.

Soniashnyk gerdan, Ukraine's national flower! 23". SOLD
Blue Choker
18". Hand beaded in Western Ukraina.
$74.99 CDN + $20 shipping
Instant e-book download. This is a 400 page .pdf. Print one shopping list or recipe at a time, prop on kitchen counter for easy cooking! $9.99 Canadian
Gold & Green Gerdan

The colors of Spring and abundance, with exquisite white diamonds for eternity. Reference to beautiful Soisura poem describing Ukraina as "eternal spring."

23". $119.95 Canadian, + $20 shipping to US and Canada.

Red & Black Gerdan

Red for love, black for Mother Earth, white for eternity. 23". $119.95 Canadian, + $20 shipping in US and Canada.

Blue Tryzub Gerdan SOLD
Red Gerdan
Hand beaded in Western Ukraina. 23".
$99.95 CDN+$20 shipping

SOLD Royal Blue Floral Gerdan
The color of Ukraine's skies. Absolutely stunning and unique. 23". $119.95 CDN +$20 shipping
SOLD Traditional red and black sun design for prosperity and health. 23". Earrings included. $119.95 Canadian, + $20 shipping in US & Canada.
Vintage Soviet-era hustka, pure wool. Only one available. New condition. 31"x 31". 
$49.95 CDN + $20 shipping
Ukraine charity e-book. Instant download .pdf. 78 vivid Easter photos.
$9.99 Canadian.
Policies: Returns not accepted unless item has been damaged in shipping. Request must be accompanied by clear photos of damage and packaging.