Baba Answers

Stupid Questions

Question from Mrs. Picki Pickanitski: Is dis book have lots photografia?

Answer from Baba: No, or Baba going to have to have fewer young boyfriend, less joking, and charge you several time as much. Cook my good recipe, and make your own photografia for crazy Facebook.

Question from Frenemy : Is dese recipe have garlic? I have to go back to being career woman after lunch. I am not frumping around kitchen like you.

Answer from Baba: No way Ukrainianski cook book have garlic! Those yellow lump is negative calorie soy granule. New overprice product from lululemon, you yuppie hippie yogaface. Chew real good, or they not work.

Question from mean, stupid person: Hello crazy Baba. Is dis me you gossiping about in story with mean, stupid neighbor?

Answer from Baba: No, because I obvious don't live so close to your junky trailer park I have to look at your strange children every day. Hoo boychick, them Neanderthal kids is ugly and tough to housebreak. You doing real good job of raising them. Baba recommend deeper sandbox and bigger sack of Baby Chow.

Of course Baba not writing about you. But if babushka fit, wear it.