Rosie's Spider

by Reisa Stone
a.k.a. Raisa Marika Stohyn

Sample Chapter

An animal rescue book for ages 9 to adult.

Where Baba's distinct voice first emerged!

A heart warming story for anyone who's ever been bullied and sought refuge in the loving world of animals.

When eleven year old Rosie finds a half frozen spider, her compassionate actions propel her into an adventure that synthesizes Ukrainian Baba Spider creation mythology with animal rescue.

Abandoned by her best friend as a “freakazoid”, Rosie turns to her unique friends and family. Through Old Country stories both wrenching and hilarious, Baba coaches Rosie in female toughness and compassion.

While the family struggles with Mom's eating disorder, Rosie finds pride and confidence in learning to horseback ride. She applies the lessons to both standing up to bullies and riding her new horse. After a heart wrenching confrontation with the family's demons and her own heart, Rosie triumphs as leader of a wildly successful animal rescue project. Lots of detail for animal lovers, especially horse crazy ones!

Coming soon!


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Baba's Kitchen is a lifelong labour of love in collecting immigrants' stories. The collector and editor is Raisa Marika Stohyn. Her anglicized name is Reisa Mary Stone, usually just Reisa Stone.

Rosie's Spider is under Reisa Stone's name.