Sit down, poopchik, and Baba tell you story how is invent honey. This is from Chapter 25 about Ukrainian home remedy.

Med (Honey)

Did you know to make one pound honey, bee must fly twenty-five thousand mile? This farther than than flying around whole earth. This call Art for Art sake. You should kiss bee little stripe butt. Bee do Ukrainian special favor. He fly to sun to get beeswax for making sacred pysanky egg.

When God was creating earth, Devil try to imitate by making ugly kind of reverse earth. Bee spy on Devil. Pow! Devil catch bee in claw. He say, “I let you go as long as you give message to God. Say, 'Devil tell you to eat bee poop.'”

Bee buzz, “Oooookay.” He fly back to God and tell him what Devil say. God say, “That is fine. From now on, bee will have sweetest poop in world. Ha!”

This is why honey so good medicine for all people. Bee is first anarchist healer.

Baldness Cure

My friend husband get freak out because he start to lose hair. First it just get thin, then real bald patch grow on top. He start pulling hair over bald patch this way and that way till it look like checkerboard. Was tragic.

Finally, he borrow her vibrator to stimulate hair growth. He end up pulling out rest of hair. He is left with small fringe around ear.

Don't let this happen to you.

Here is remedy you can try: make paste from tablespoon honey, two tablespoon extra virgin olive oil and one teaspoon cinnamon. Rub good into scalp and forget about for fifteen minute.

Cat will try to lick your head. Baba know this feel good, but remember her caution story.

Baba law: If professional vibrator not make hair, cat tongue don't have chance.

WASH HAIR. Do not walk around street like this.

This may or may not regrow some your hair, but at least it make what is left extra shiny. Smell good, too. Maybe people will want rub your smooth honey taste scalp, with or without hair. See also Yeast Infection for Baba opinion on baldness.