Ukraine's Shamanic Tradition

Have a traditional shamanic animal communication with your pet!

Author Raisa Stone is the descendant of thousands of years of animal communicators and energy healers, including the Ukrainian people who first tamed the horse and wolf. She practices traditional animal communication. This means she enters the consciousness of your pet. She sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels what they do, and describes this experience to you.

This approach helps resolve behavioral problems. Unlike many modern practitioners who appear to charge less, Raisa does not charge extra for rehab and training advice. She offers a holistic approach and includes her training advice and feedback in your first session.

It is up to you how you apply Raisa's advice and experience, of course. Most clients find they need only one or two communication sessions to resolve or greatly diminish troubling behaviors in their pets. Adding separate energy healing sessions (briefer), can greatly accelerate your pet's positive changes.

Here is an excellent article about Ukraine's shamanic tradition.
Below is a video of Raisa's Baba (Grandma) character from her Ukrainian Culture book, discussing animal communication.

Learn Animal Communication in Raisa's ancient tradition.