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If you already received my Paska recipe, I added Traditional Prayers in June/2017, in version below.

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Addendum: Special Xliby (Breads)


  • Paska
  • Traditional Prayers for Paska: Yellow (for healthy family), White (to honor ancestors) and Black (to honor our Mother, Earth)
  • Babka
  • Perizhky with Kapusta, Cheese, Mushroom, and Meat fillings
  • Whole Wheat Honey Bread
  • Garlic Bulochki (Buns)
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Addendum to Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food

Special Xliby (Breads)

Baba's Paska

Paska and Babka are eternal.~Ukrainian proverb

     Making Paska is sacred, ancient ritual. This recipe make two large or several small: coffee can size. Read whole recipe first, so you can plan. I actual recommend that if you are new to Easter bread baking, read Babka as well, to understand distinctions and get extra tips for good outcome.

     Baba will now teach you great Paska for Great Day. Paska is always circle, like Kolach, for eternity and Circle of Life. It also is bread that welcomes return of longer, sunny days.

How to:

  • Determine when dough is sufficiently kneaded
  • Prevent dough from falling while rising
  • Make decoration Baba’s Lazy Way
  • Keep decoration from falling off
  • Settle Paska so it have even crumb throughout
  • Add authentic citrusy flavor, if you enjoy
  • Keep raisin (also optional) from burning
  • Make crispy, browned crust

     Just as with writing pysanky, start your day with meditation and peaceful heart. Shoo kid and noisy roommate from house. Go back to meditation. This will all keep dough from falling. Read whole recipe first, and pay careful attention to how ingredients are divided. Paska need to rise five times, so this is long haul.

     Crumble and stir two yeast cakes into lukewarm, two and one half cups scalded whole milk, with one teaspoon white sugar.

      Let sit five minutes while you say more prayer. If you do not plan to add citrus juice later, use three cups whole milk. Your call, dorahenka.

Baba Alert: Check expiry date on yeast first. Is most common cause of Paska Fail. Second cause is either not scalding milk, or letting milk boil.

How to scald milk: Pour into heavy bottom sauce pan, preferably steel. Turn on medium low heat, NOT HIGH. Stir continually until bubbles form on edges of milk. If milk boils, throw away. When Baba give these rules, she mean it. Scalding activates a protein, and creates correct density of Paska.

     Stir in three cups flour to milk/yeast mix with a wood spoon. Beat until smooth.

     Give kid and roommate final warning to vacate. Cover dough with loose plastic and two towels, and leave heck alone to double in size. About two hour.

     Baba recommend using Canadian all purpose flour. Ukrainians introduce Red Fife wheat to North America, and is best for yeast raised breads due to high gluten content. We know our baking!

     Baba knows you was hoping this was good time to put up feet and read about celebrity making millions for doing nothing. Sorry.

     If you like raisins, is time to soak two cups in boiling water for half hour. Drain and pat dry, saying, “Good raisin!”

     Soaking prevent raisin from burning. Baba strong recommend organic raisin. Very juicy and tasty.

     Now, divide your brain in half, and use both hand. Is time to melt three quarter cup butter, and also beat up five egg. There is special way to make your Paska feel both fluffy and substantial. Is it bread? Is it cake? Only you will know!

     Separate those eggs. Beat yolks with one cup white sugar until is fluffy like your perfect hair.

     Beat egg whites separately.

     Save egg shell. In Ukraina, we hang them from bush and tree on Holy Thursday to demonstrate our generosity and prosperity. If your neighbor turn up nose, remind her she leave Christmas light up till August.

     When two hours is up, check dough. If this your first time, you will be surprised to see it look goopy. Don’t worry, Poopchik. It get better.

     Mix egg yolk and white into dough.

     Mix in two teaspoon vanilla, one teaspoon salt, three quarter cup melted butter, and seven cups flour.

     If you decided to make citrusy Paska, add two tablespoons lemon juice and one third cup fresh orange juice. If you used three full cups milk, as choice given above, is too late. Oh well. You can still have mild citrusy taste by adding one tablespoon orange rind and one teaspoon lemon rind, or zest. This is its fancy name. Again, organic is best. I you was organized from start, use both juice and zest. Will be zingy Paska like I don’t know what.

     Add in your raisin, and mix well.

     Tradition is to make three Paska: yellow for sun, white for ancestors and black for Syra Mata Zemlya, Moist Mother Earth. For yellow, drop in saffron to invite sunshine, happiness, good harvest and healthy family, including pets. We also take this baked paska out to our livestock, and touch them to invite these traits.

     Saffron is crocus stamen. Be careful picking your own. So many hybrid these days, no telling what is safe or effective. Better to buy it. Our ancestors knew saffron is powerful. US National Library of Medicine publish study showing saffron is equivalent to powerful chemical anti-depressant---but no side effect!

How to use saffron:

     Buy reddish thread. Don’t be cheap; saffron powder is usually crappy, and may not even be saffron. Could be curry powder, for all you know. Genuine saffron stamen is red in body, more orange on top. If it is read all over, is bad knock-knock joke. Actually, is probably bad saffron dyed red. Aren’t you glad Baba teach you all about life?

     Soak two teaspoon saffron in two tablespoons boiled, cooled water, for two hours.

     Mash into paste with back of spoon before mixing into dough.

     Grease large bowl real well with butter. Is now action time. Knead dough on floured surface ten to fifteen minutes, untio it feel right. If you did not have personal Baba at home to show you, you have to trust me. Dough should feel just like kozak satin dance pant!

     This is secret of Ukrainian always smiling, and doing something stupid like surrender weapons under Budapest Memorandum. Once you have your cooking and romantic life together, world is like oyster with big fat pearl. Only you have no weapon to hold back stinking Muskoli, grandchildren of Neanderthal. Is historical fact. 44,000 years ago, Slav is genuine human who come north from Rift Valley to become Indigenous person of Eastern Europe. We chase Neanderthal knuckle dragger up to northern Europe, where ones who don’t go complete extinct from stupid, become Viking criminal and Nazi. These Vikings who become TV fad these days, were murderers and slave owners. They even compelled their slaves to kill Indigenous peoples of other countries. Was no comprehensive prison system in Nordic countries at that time, and exile from society was believed to be worst punishment. Over time, these criminals eventually formed gangs.

     After many years, these thugs figure out how to patch together rudimentary “boat” and invade Kyivan Rus’. Then they mate with Genghis Khan barbarian, who is grandson of Neanderthal in Ural Mountains. After murdering many Slavs and robbing us blind, they make home in swamp called Muscovy. This place was not even nation until 1540; was Mongolian tribute so minor, Mongols burn it to ground twice, just for fun.

     In 1700’s, czar Peter I call them “Rus’yan” (Slavic) to make more fraudulent claim to our property. Was first time they stole Crimea. Is now 1100 years of them stealing from and murdering Slavs. Pah! I spit on them!

     Okay, back to Paska. Caress dough once more, just make sure it feel like quality.

     Plop! Beloved dough into greased bowl, cover with plastic and two towels. Now you can put feet up, because this will again take two hours to double.

     Once this happen, punch dough lovingly in middle, and let rise again one more hour.

     Now, reserve dough. Put one third in separate greased bowl for your decoration.

     Divide remainder of dough into butter greased pans. Each pan should only be one third full, as dough will rise rise rise like new life in spring and resurrection that it symbolize.

Baba tip: Maybe you make Paska in coffee tin, like your mama. This is fine, except is much easier to use ceramic insert from Old School crock pot. You can find them cheap at thrift store, anywhere. There are plenty on Ebay, too. Another groovy option is paper Panettone molds. This is Italian bread mold, shaped just like our Paska. Also available online, and of course in Italian community.

     For any kind of pan, make super nonstick by first greasing, then press silicone parchment paper against sides. No need to butter inside of parchment. I now use parchment for all kinds cooking and baking. Is difficult choice. Paper waste trees, but scrubbing pans waste water and soap. Is tough world, these days.

     You are probably getting tired of making Paska now. Too bad. Cover dough again, and give it another half hour to rise.

Baba Secret: Trying to braid three pieces of dough for cross, is main cause of decorative failure. Unless you is Martha Stewart and can do it over and over when TV camera is off, at least one piece will fall apart. Next thing you know, you is on kitchen floor, crying. Listen to your Baba. Just roll out two piece dough into ropey shape. Cross them over. Almost anyone can do this, okay?

Next Baba Secret: Pin down arms of cross with toothpicks or wood skewers for baking, so they won’t fall off. Remove before serving, and tell no one. Use whole box, if you need. Really.

     Phew. I can tell you are so relieved. Good thing you are relaxed when I say: dough must rise another half hour with cross on top. Use plastic and towel again. Do not get absorbed in meaningless task and forget time, or cross will go blooey! You want cross to retain shape. This is not time for abstract art. Cross is one excellent example of how Ukrainians blend our old ways with Christianity. Like with any Native American/Canadian nation, cross is originally stand for four directions. Then it take on additional meaning.

     Yes, is true. Paska must rise five time! This is last time. When fifteen minutes is up, place rack in middle of oven, and turn to 350 F.

For nice brown glaze on Paska, make Egg Wash:

     Beat two egg yolk with splash milk. Use paint brush. If Paska getting too brown during baking, cover with aluminum foil tent.

Baba Secret: Bake Paska only ten minutes at 350 F. Turn oven down to 325 F, and bake forty more minute. This make more even crumb throughout. If you use dark, nonstick pan, lower baking time by five minutes.

Next tradition:

     Have soft pillow or towel waiting to welcome sacred Paska. Let bread sit in pan fifteen minutes, then let it settle another fifteen on pillow. Turn Paska carefully, every five minutes. This is high maintenance bread.

     Remove toothpicks before anyone see, or get tongue splinter and sue you. This is Easter tragedy.

     Paska is symbol of your direct participation in renewal of life in spring, and in all stages of crucifixion and resurrection. Care for this bread as though caring for baby and your own faith. This is not lazy New Age, “I jump up and down with white turkey feather (for white New Age turkeys) and suddenly I am shaman.” Spirituality take effort and concentration. Whatever faith you choose, harder you work on Paska, bigger is blessing. We are asking for health and prosperity of our family and community.

     Now EAT Paska with several pound good butter. Many people take to church for blessing first. Actually, most people make more than one Paska, because who going to resist fresh bread?
      If you have any leftover, wrap in plastic or foil, then put in freezer bag. Baba herself never have leftover, but apparently is true for some people we don’t talk about, or have over for dinner second time.

     When presenting Paska on table or in basket, is traditional to drape with rushnyk, Ukrainian cloth embroidered with sacred symbols.

 Traditional Prayers for Paska 

Say these prayers as you place Paska in oven. 


     Sacred Paska, may you be as great and beautiful as sun, as it is for sun we bake you. May all family members who are with us, be healthy: here name each individual. May our children grow as quickly and beautifully as sun. Shine for us, Paska, as holy sun shines. May our wheat in field be as rich and abundant as you, may our animals thrive and grow.


      We are baking this Paska for you, our ancestors. We are honoring you, and may you in turn help us. May your righteous souls be as pure and holy and great as this Paska. May your souls be as comfortable and happy as this Paska in oven. May your time in ray (paradise) be as beautiful as this Paska in oven. Watch over us.


 Syra Mata Zemlya, Moist Mother Earth, we honor and respect you. May this sacred Paska be as nourishing as your body. Please give good health to my family: here name individuals. Please give good health to our animals: name individual pets. Great Mother, we pray there be no storms, no hail nor lightning to harm us or our crops.

     Both yellow and black Pasky may be lifted (once baked and cooled) and taken outside to touch livestock and seeds. Seeds may be planted while Paska bakes, particularly cabbage, to ensure rich crop.

(Collected, in part, throughout Ukraina by Stepan Kylymynyk, 1890-1963. Some parts traditional to Baba’s family)


  • Yeast cakes or active dry yeast, 2
  • Whole milk, 3 cups. If adding citrus juice, use 2 ½ cups milk
  • All purpose flour, 10 ½ cups. Canadian, if possible
  • Organic eggs, 7. 5 for dough, 2 for Egg Wash
  • Butter, 1 lb. Unsalted
  • Vanilla, ½ tbsp.
  • Salt, 1 tsp.

 Your Options:

  • Organic raisins, 2 cups
  • Organic lemon and orange, 1 each
  • Saffron threads, one package

     Next essential bread for Velyk Den’ is Babka. Is companion to Paska. Both are ancient, sacred ritual foods. While Paska is short, fluffy, and has more familiar bread taste, Babka is tall, dense and sweet.


     Where bread and water are, there is no hunger.~Ukrainian proverb 

     Babka get its name and shape from Ukraine’s matriarchal culture. Woman’s life giving force is revered through thousands of years of our history, and this bread’s shape is like mature woman. And of course, older woman is most powerful of all.

     Ukraina is most prolific country in world for archaeological findings of goddess figurines, dating back 20,000 years. Most stunning example is kamyany babas. These are women carved from stone, three to six feet tall and very imposing. They survive from 400 to 700 BC, constructed by our Scythian and Sarmatian ancestors right across Ukraina. You can find them mainly as grave marker. Imagine comfort, knowing baba is watching over you!
     You can see photos of these stone babas on my website: Click on Paska.

     In making Babka, we are reaching out to our ancestors, honoring them. Of course we do this at Svyata Vecherya, Christmas Eve, as well, in different way. Then we symbolize ancestor with use of grandfather wheat sheaf, didukh. We are matriarchal culture, which mean balancing male and female principle and giving due respect to woman as life giver.

     In Ukraina, women compete to make most glamorous Babka, using as many as 120 egg yolks to display how good are their hens and how generous their hospodynya, hostess. This is much healthier contest than crazy TV people running around naked on desert island and eating slug. This is not reality, Poopchik. Oi yoi yoi.
     I strong advise you read Paska recipe first, for baking tips and overall understanding of how these two breads fit together, traditionally.

Baba Tip: For many years, you been hunting down coffee cans you hope aren’t rusty, to bake your Babka. Relax. Send your geezer to thrift store to find ceramic insert from slow cooker. Once you line this with butter and then parchment paper, no way will Babka stick. Will have even baking, and perfect matriarchal shape. More tips in Paska, above.

     You ready? Baba hope you get your free range organic egg from farmer, because this make best texture and color of Babka.

     This recipe will make enough dough for four, two pound coffee cans or 2-3 ceramic crock liners, depending on their size. Don’t be worry, excess dough can be put in smaller pans. As long as you make at least one Babka, you can hold head up.

Here is our sacred Babka adventure, Poopchik:

     As with Paska, cultivate attitude of meditation, and kick noisy people out from house. Babka also appreciate good singing. I do this myself and also put on Ukrainian record.

Baba Alert: to prevent raisins burning, soak in boiling water thirty minutes, then drain and pat dry. You can add rum or vanilla to water.

     Leave butter out at least couple hours, to soften.

     Scald milk or milk/cream mix. See details in Paska recipe, above.  

To make sponge:

     Mix yeast, sugar and two tbsp. flour into room temperature, scalded milk until dissolved. Do not use fast rising yeast! Go slow and careful. Squint for “best before” date.

     Cover sponge with clean cloth and let sit for at least thirty minutes in warm corner, till it rises and becomes bubbly. Like sponge, get it? Could take as long as one hour, depending on temperature and mood of yeast. Don’t worry, dorahenka. If yeast was fresh, will rise.

     For superior Babka, sift flour and icing sugar. Really.

     Beat those dozen egg yolks. Baba hope you find good use for all those whites. Maybe give them to diet-schmiet friend. Or freeze individual in ice cube tray.

     Once yolks are evenly thick, beat in sugar. You will start to feel gratitude I recommend icing sugar. So much easier to blend.

Baba Warning: Do not use electric mixer, unless you have arthritis or something. Sacred task requires hand work. Babka and Paska have strange tendency to fail when you take shortcut.

     Add yeasty sponge to egg and sugar. Beat some more.

     Stir in flour, little bit at time, until well blended. As you do this, stir in salt, vanilla (or rum), and fruit zest. If you are using saffron or turmeric for sunny yellow, stir in now.

     Knead in small bits of softened butter, and raisins.

     Knead dough until no longer sticky.

     Cover dough and put in warm corner until it double.

     Punch down dough.

     Knead some more, then allow to rise second time.

     In meantime, grease inside of your pan with butter, and place parchment around perimeter. Grease seam. You will love how easy this make getting Babka out later.

     Turn oven to 400 F. If you are using wood stove, you going to have to figure out. Tradition is to first burn willow branches in fire before baking Babka, to honor her. You can always put some in fire place. If you have neither, just wave branch.

Baba Tip: First put oven rack low, so your Babka don’t smack her head on top of oven. This is not good respect. Poopchik. Also, wait until oven light goes out before putting Babka in. This ensures more even baking.    

     Fill pans one third, and cover with plastic. Let rise third time, until dough just peek out of pan, and say, “Howdy doodie.”

     Bake just ten minutes.

     Lower oven temp to 325 F.

     Bake another half hour.

     Lower oven temp to 275 F, and watch through oven door for this last twenty minutes. If at any time Babka’s head is browning too fast, quick put tinfoil hat on her. You probably know someone from whom to borrow. This lowering heat allow fast final rising, even crumb and good crunchola crust.

     Once you take Babka from oven, let sit fifteen minutes to breathe. Like with Paska, have soft cloth and pillow waiting for her.

     These ancient ladies do not like hard surface. They prefer to recline in comfort. Do not get careless; Babka reserve right to fall, even at this point! You also going to have to move her around little bit on pillow. Do not cuddle, though.

     Once Babka is truly cool, you can ice, if you like. I think icing represent gray hair on our special Bread Matriarch, for wisdom. I have listed ingredients for several types icing below. You can pour, or use paint brush.

     As with Paska, you can make beautiful display by draping rushnyk around base. Act like you are dressing your ancestor, with love and admiration. We often put krashanky around her feet, and even take to cemetery to honor our dead, may their memory be eternal. Krashanky are mono-colored eggs, made with vegetable and fruit dye. Simple designs can be made with leaves. They are edible. Instructions for krashanky are on my website: Click Paska.

     Babka is sliced in rounds, from bottom. Cut off bottom crust, but DO NOT EAT. Replace this crust every time you slice, to keep bread moist.

     We respect bread by sprinking crumbs in garden, or in fireplace. Honestly, we now know bread is not good for birds, so just make symbolic gesture and buy good bird seed.

Go to Baba’s website and print Ingredients, to take to stupormarket. My ebook is useful for this. You can print single recipes from .pdf file: 

Ingredient List:

Sponge (is what yeasty base is called, technical):

  • Yeast, 3 packages or 3 tbsp.
  • White sugar, 1 tbsp.
  • Whole milk, 2 cups scalded and cooled
  • Flour, 2 tbsp.


  • Icing sugar, 2 cups
  • Egg yolks, one dozen large
  • All purpose flour, 8 cups
  • Vanilla or rum extract, 1 tsp.
  • Grated organic lemon or orange rind, 1 tbsp.
  • Unsalted butter, 1 cup
  • Salt, 1 tsp.

Egg Wash (for glazed crust):

  • Egg, one large
  • Milk or water, 2 tbsp.

Icing (goes on top of Egg Wash after baking and cooling):

  • Icing sugar, 1 cup
  • Salt, tiny pinch
  • Whole milk, two tbsp., OR mix milk/rum or milk/fruit juice

Orange or lemon icing:

  • Icing sugar, ½ cup
  • Fresh lemon or orange juice, 1 tsp.

Rum icing:

  • Dark rum, 2 tbsp.
  • Boiled water, cooled, ¼ cup
  • Granulated sugar, ½ cup


  •   Organic raisins, 1 cup
  •   Substitute ¼ cup blanched, chopped almonds for ½ cup raisins
  •   Pure saffron threads, ½ oz., OR turmeric, ¾ tsp., for yellow. See Paska recipe    for saffron details
  •   Mix raisins with other dried fruit, such as dried apricots, craisins or candied orange peel. Not dates, they will get mushinski. Not candied cherries! For some reason, there is prejudice against these in cake. For one thing, color can smear and make your Babka look like she wear cheap lipstick. Personal, Baba enjoy cherry in her horilka.
  •    Vanilla, 1-3 tsp. according to how strong you like this taste.
  •    Substitute 1 cup scalded sweet cream for 1 cup milk. Do this if you want  more   tender Babka, and are confident in your scalding skill. Cream have more sensitive feeling than milk. She will hold her breath and burn more easily.
  •    Add ¼ tsp. ground ginger to sponge mixture

Krystos Voskres i Veselykh Svyat, Poopchik!


     Long time ago, many culture discover that when you put good filling inside bread, everything taste several time more delicious. In North America, Perizhky and other such yeasty delight, been reduced to hot dog (from factory floor sweeping) inside pooping fresh dough from stupormarket freezer. Here I present to you, original style of tender bread filled with Ukie surprises. They are easier than varenyky for taking to potluck or other occasion that require transport, too. Less chance of breakage or butter slopping on your nice vyshyvanka.


Bread does not fall from sky.~Ukrainian proverb

           People used to take more time for everything. I love story of what happen when my friend Stefka’s great grandfather Myxalo, become ancestor right after Svyata Vecherya meal. What is so beautiful: his whole village delay their caroling, so they can have time to pay proper respect to their friend.

     Perizhky is very light, oblong bun with smashnyy filling. You can also make these without filling, for very nice bulochki, dinner roll bun. I do this if is already going to be lots varenyky on table.

     Though this is still yeast raised bread, you going to be happy is not quite so complicate like Paska or Babka.

     Like any recipe, read right through before starting. This recipe makes about two dozen perizhky.

Baba Alert: Make filling day before pastry, and refrigerate. It will be stiff and much easier to eyeball and place inside.

     Leave out butter and eggs earlier.

     Boil water, and let cool to lukewarm. As in any recipe, never use straight tap water. Dissolve sugar, throw in powdered ginger, then sprinkle with yeast. It will be ready in ten minutes.

     See Paska recipe, above, to learn how to scald milk. Add butter to hot milk, then let cool.

     Mix in: yeast mixture, salt, sugar and eggs.

     Prepare counter or mixing board with flour dusting.

     Mix flour into wet glop, then knead knead knead till it feel like satin. When you are expert level, biggest compliment is that bubbles pop on surface of your dough. This is sign from God your perizhky going to be light and tender. Baba is actual not sure God get involved with perizhky, but why not?

     Wrangle this dough back into your bowl and cover with clean towel. It will rise to double in about one hour. This can be hard to predict, as everybody’s home is different temperature. Especially with greedy politician letting corporation raise our heating price. Ideal temperature for dough is 80 degree. Sure, while you wearing coat and boots to make! You can always place bowl in pan of warm water.

     Give it little bit punching. Leave inside bowl to do this, so you don’t hurt its feelings. Remember, we going for very tender bread here.

     Let rise second time. Aren’t you relieved not five times, like Paska? Phew. And no more punching.

     In meantime, beat up one egg white for sealing perizhke. Also, have small bowl flour set aside.

      Prepare your baking pans with parchment paper and lots butter.

     Is very easy from second rising. Break off pieces about size of small egg, and make flat. Remember, dough will do another rising. Don’t end up with one Ukrainosaurus perizhka.

     Plop your filling in middle. You don’t want your finished bread to look stingy, but teaspoon full is enough. Otherwise, edges will leak.

     Dip your fingers in bowl of flour, then in egg white. You going to super-seal pastry edges this way. You going to be so happy when your baking turn out professional-looking, with seamless edge. Once you have sealed all perizhky, wash and dry hands, then go back over these seams with floured fingers. If only you had sealed your windows this well last winter!

     Some people like this bread to be round, some oblong with tapered ends and fat in middle. Like many Ukrainians get in middle age. Your choice to shape how you like. Lozenge shape is more traditional, but take more time and practice.

     Place on your baking sheet sealed side down, about 1 ½ inch apart.

     Cover again and allow to rise another 45 minutes.

     Move oven rack to middle, and preheat to 350 F.

     Beat up whole egg, dilute with two tablespoon water. Brush perizhky with this to make nice glossy finish.

     Bake about 30 minutes until they are appetizing shade of brown.

Ingredient List:

Yeasty Sponge

o   White sugar, 1 tsp.

o    Flour, 1 tsp.

o    Active dry yeast (not instant), 1 tbsp.

o    Powdered ginger, ¼ tsp.

o    Room temperature water, ¼ cup




o   All purpose flour, 5 cups

o   Organic eggs, two large

o   White sugar, ¼ cup

o   Unsalted butter, ¼ cup

o   Salt, 1 tsp.

o   Milk, 1 cup scalded

 Kapusta (Sauerkraut) Filling

     This is classic taste, ever since Ukrainians figured out that fermenting and pickling will give good vegetables over long winter. You will be happy to know this is very easy filling to make.

Baba Warning: use your own sauerkraut, or canned in glass jar. Kapusta from can will taste just like how your husband’s breath smell in morning.

     Rinse good kapusta in room temp water, then squeeze dry with clean towel.

     Fry onion in butter or mix of butter and extra virgin olive oil until just looking transparent, then add kapusta. Maybe you are tired of Baba talk about organic, but honest, you will fall over from taste of organic onion. Is so mellow, so sweet, like your first kiss.

    Fry kapusta 10-15 minutes on medium-low. Do not make too tender; remember it will spend more time baking inside dough! Sprinkle little bit salt and coarse black pepper.

Baba Secret: for fresher taste, add fresh cabbage. Use freezer trick like I teach you in Holubtsi chapter, or even shredded from stupormarket bag, shhhh. How you going to keep from soggy? Sprinkle with salt and let stand 15 minutes, then give good squeeze with clean towel. Baba like mechanic shop towel from this Home Despot.

     Really, Poopchik, you going to have to adjust kapusta and fresh kapusta with your ear, like Van Gogh. Keep in mind this filling should never be soggy, or it will seep through dough. Make it drier than you think filling should be; give those kapusta very good squeeze to dry out.

Ingredient List:

o   Sauerkraut, 1 ½ to 2 quarts, depending on if you add fresh cabbage.

o   Fresh cabbage, ½ medium head, if you like.

o   Organic onion, one medium

o   Salt and pepper, to taste

o   Butter and/or olive oil, ¼ cup

Your Option (while frying kapusta):

* Add little bit grated fresh carrot or fine chopped  mushroom. If so, use more fat.

* Sometime your family have to work up to this sophisticate         

   kapusta taste. Add 1-2 tsp. brown sugar or honey.

* Sprinkle in little bit caraway or poppy seed.

* Use part or all salo, meat fat, instead of butter/oil


                                                   Syr (Cheese) Filling


     This is super easy filling, doesn’t even require pre-cooking! Mash up your dry cottage cheese instead of pay therapist $200 for anger workout. Move on to eggs. That is right, beat them good. Add smetana (sour cream), and sprinkle of salt.

     Dill should be chopped within inch of its life, too.

     You can add chives if you like.

Ingredient List:

o   Dry cottage cheese, 1 lb. In Canada, this is 500 gram

o   Smetana, 1 tbsp.

o   Eggs, two large

o   Salt, pinch

o   Dill, one tbsp.

By way, make sure you subscribe to Baba’s free newsletter. She will issue more fillings and other recipes by email! Subscribe at

                                             Hryby (Mushroom) Filling


     Ukrainians love their hryby! Like any other recipe, try to find wild mushroom called pidpanky. If not, chanterelle, porcini or oyster are good. White generic is last retort. If you only can find canned, wait until mushroom season. Don’t insult your perizhky, your guest or your own cooking.

      Set your eggs to hard boil.

     Chop mushroom and onion very fine, and cook in butter till they getting transparent edge. Onion should be in pan for about 3 minutes on medium-low before mushroom. Do not skimp on butter, as this really make taste pop out at you. Like with any recipe, you can also mix butter with extra virgin olive or sunflower oil. Each type of fat have its own taste. Canola and generic “cooking oil” have none.

     Stir in your smetana for real Ukrainian taste. Cook for ten minutes.

     Add all other ingredients, and blend very well: fine chopped dill, chopped hard boiled eggs, sprinkle salt and pepper, and bread crumbs.

Baba Tip: use real bread from deli for crumbs. Crumbs should be soft, not stale.

Ingredient List:

o   Mushrooms, 2 lbs.

o   Butter, ¼ cup

o   Organic onion, one medium

o   Sour cream, ½ cup

o   Soft bread crumbs, 1 1/3 cup

o   Fresh dill, 1 tbsp. Never dried!

o   Eggs, 2 large

o   Salt and pepper to taste (you know you will)

                       Masnyy (Meat) Filling


     Baba know you worried about what is correct meat to use in perizhky. Honestly, Poopchik, in Old Country we often make with whatever meat is left over. Some people scratch their head, say, “Baba, there are leftover in Ukraina?” Like they invent!
     You can make from one kind meat, or mix and match. Try adding some small pieces kobasa or bacon, too, for unique flavor. Listen, them lousy weird assembly line pizza thingies is flying off freezer shelves. Marketing company get several million dollar to stuff leftovers into these, and call “all dressed” or “everything in deep dish/who knows what?”

     Fry your fine chopped onion in half of butter, then add meat and next half of butter.

     Throw on lid and let cook itself to brown. Not raw, not burned. Stir in little bit salt and pepper.

     Set eggs to hard boil.

     Remove meat from pan with slotted spoon. You want drippings to stay behind. Mix flour into drippings.

     Add beef stock to this mixture, and watch carefully until it boil.

     Mix in meat, and allow to cool to room temperature while you watch rerun. Not so long it starts to congeal.

     Stir in chopped hardboiled eggs and parsley or dill.


 Ingredient List:


o   Meat of your choice, 1 lb. Chopped stew meat, ground beef, ground pork. Mix in kobasa or bacon for added flavor.

o   Butter, ¼ cup

o   Organic onion, 1 medium

o   Salt and pepper, to taste

o   Flour, 1 tbsp.

o   Beef stock, ½ cup

o   Dill or parsley, 1 tsp.

o   Eggs, 2 large

Your Option:

* Replace beef stock with an equal amount sour cream---but add 

   cream only at end of cooking, with eggs and parsley.

* Add ½ to ¾ lb. fine chopped, quality mushrooms, fried in butter. 

  Again, at end of cooking.

* Add chives at end.

* Add your favorite shredded hard cheese for “pizza perizhky” and 

   don’t write Baba that this is not traditional!


Baba Reminder: make any filling one day ahead and refrigerate. Will be much easier to measure with eyeball, and place inside perizhky dough. This will make no difference to baking time.

Perizhky can also be served with my Dill or Smetana and Green Onion Pidlyva (Sauce) ladled over top, at last minute. See Chapter Twenty Two.


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Now here is one my favorite bread recipes. Rising time is reduced with little trick. So simple and tasty:

Whole Wheat Honey Xlib


Without bread, love dies.~Ukrainian proverb


     This recipe makes two medium loaves. Baba has made recipe easy for rising and kneading times. These are two things she find discourage new bakers, most.

     Leave butter out on counter to soften, as your mouth will be drooling from baking aroma. You will not want to waste time with cold maslo.

     Take out large ceramic mixing bowl. Add warm water, yeast, honey and salt. Leave alone five minutes, and you will see yeast foam. If it does not, water was probably too hot, or you did not check “best before” date on yeast! Start over.

     As always, Baba recommend good strong buckwheat honey for true Ukrainian taste. If you want lighter taste, is over three hundred type out there, come from many types of flowers. I recommend visiting honey producer in country, if possible. Some will let you taste various types. Is blueberry, clover, fireweed, sage, lavender, heather, sunflower, forest (taste like pine and cedar), mountain, linden, wild flower, dandelion, rosemary, and so on. My next favorite to buckwheat is organic Manuka. This is honey from same tree as come tea tree oil. I use this honey raw on wounds and for sore throat, but taste is out from this world. Yes, is expensive, but you can justify in recipe by keeping rest of jar for medicinal purpose. Like your bottle of brandy in back of cupboard.
     For ultimate good result: boil water first, then let cool to temperature you would use to wash little baby. Baba always use well water, and this make genuine difference in bread taste and texture. Is worth drive to get, if you do not have. Also worth finding is freshly ground whole wheat flour. Even some big department stores have this now.

     Add flour only one cup at time.

Baba Tip: knead between each cup of flour, just until mixed. If you use mixer (Baba know some people will), use paddle and let it run while adding flour.

     Once all flour is added, knead dough for just five minutes. Use your elbow grease. Because you have been kneading all along, does not require as much time. See? I tell you is easy peasy.

     Preheat oven to 150 degrees F.
     If dough is still sticky, add just little bit extra flour. Dough should just pull itself away from side of bowl, but not push hard and sit in sullen lump, like bad boyfriend in armchair.

     Here is faster rising trick: turn off your oven, and let dough rise inside for fifteen minutes. Now you know why I instruct ceramic bowl. Metal will burn fingers.
     Grease two loaf pans. For even easier result, also line pans with parchment paper.
     Remove dough from oven.

     Turn oven back on, to 150 F.

Next Baba Tip: dip or spray back of your hand with good cooking oil like extra virgin olive or sunflower, and give dough punch till it surrender.

     Roll your dough into shape like fallen log. Cut in half, and place into pans.

     Put dough back in oven until it double in size. This takes about half hour.

     Remove dough, and reset your oven to 350 F. Make sure light go off before placing back in. You do not want to be half baked.

     Bake about half hour, until top is nice brownie color.

     Carefully remove from pans onto wire rack right away.


Ingredient List:

  • Fast rising active yeast, 3 tbsp.
  • Buckwheat (or preferred) honey, ¾ cup
  • Table salt, 1 tbsp.
  • Warm, boiled well water, 4 cups
  • Fresh whole wheat flour, 10-11 cups depending on stickiness.

     Above recipe serves double purpose. You can also use to make Bulochki, which some people call Pampushky. I reserve latter name for filled donut-like Christmas dessert, but each have their own. Ukraina is huge country, largest in Europe. So you going to find regional differences, for sure. You will find this even in Canada. I cannot, for example, find smoked meat on West Coast that taste like Montreal.

                                    Chesnochnyy Bulochki
                                               (Garlic Buns)

Garlic, sausage and a good drink will stop an argument.~Ukrainian proverb

     These little dinner buns are usually served with borshch, but make nice addition to any meal. Make above dough recipe for Whole Wheat Honey Xlib. Recipe will make three dozen bulochki. This seem like a lot, till everyone begin to snarfle. If still seem like too much, make half recipe.

    After its second rising, punch down for second time, plop dough onto lightly floured surface, and cut into portions. Shape into small balls.

     Place balls into greased pan with high sides, so balls don’t get mind of their own and roll around. Pie pan is good. Place quite close together, as it is okay to cut bulochki apart after baking.

     Cover balls with plastic wrap, and let rise in warm place thirty minutes, OR in 150 degree F oven 10-15 minutes (no plastic).

     Preheat oven to 375 F. As always, make sure oven is fully heated.

     For golden tops, brush surface of bulochki with beaten egg yolk.

     Bake thirty minutes.

     In meantime, mash peeled garlic, oil, pinch salt, and finely chopped parsley or dill in bowl. Make sure garlic is mashed into mush.

     Once baked bulochki have cooled on rack for ten minutes, brush with garlic mix.

     Plain or Garlic Bulochki can alternatively be served with my Dill or Smetana and Green Onion Pydlyva (Sauce). Find these in Chapter Twenty Two.

Ingredient List:

  • Whole Wheat Honey Xlib recipe, as above
  • Egg yolk, 1 large

Garlic Sauce:

  • Garlic cloves, at least 3. As many you like!
  • Extra virgin olive or sunflower oil, 2 tbsp.
  • Salt, tiny pinch
  • Parsley or dill, 1 tbsp.

Please note: Kolach, Ukrainian Svyaty Vecherya bread, is in Chapter Eleven of Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food.

Smachnoho! Eat good food, Poopchik!

Luyobov, Love,

Baba Raisa


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