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Hello Poopchik!
Have a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas

Baba offers Ukrainian cards and postage, snow globes, keepsake boxes, ornaments, gift wrap and bags, totes, hip flasks, decorative tiles and plates, baking pans, mugs, shirts and more.

Baba's designs are printed on products made by small, local businesses, some family run. Substantial cottons, heavy china, premium inks, wood and metal. No sweat shop or child labour is used in their production. My products are a source of pride for me and my customers. You will find giftees delighted by their beauty and quality.

Once you click on items, you will see my manufacturing site has continual sales on various products, from 15% -70% off daily.

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Enjoy! Have a very Happy Holiday
and Merry Christmas!
~Baba Raisa
Silver Pysanka Coins
Rare 2018 coin from Royal Canadian Mint.
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Okay Baba, that was fun, but I need to keep shopping for gifts! Scroll down for thousands more Ukrainian culture items.

Okay, just one more...

Xlopchiky, boys! Baba telling you, you cannot go wrong with these gifts for woman. Unless she is expecting diamond or house, but that is another story.
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