Hey Poopchik! You love Shark Tank, but forget name of great things they feature? Baba has tracked down most popular and useful products for you.
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Better Back
  posture correction
Simply Fit Workout Board  Bundle. Click photo
Boba Wrap
baby sling.
#1 baby carrier!
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Beard King Bib
No more sink mess!

Spinal Traction for back pain. Lifetime warranty, FDA cleared.
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Wall Doctor patch kit. No tools, no skills, no clean up.
Citi Kitty toilet training kit.
Baba has seen this work.
Drop Stop seat gap filler
ScreenMend instantrepair
Squatty Potty for better pooping! Is true, our ancestors had better system.
Safe Grabs
silicone mitts
Sleep Styler
heat-free hair curlers
Q-Flex Accupressure Tool
Read-E-Rest eyeglass holders
Drain Strain. No more clogs, no more chemicals in drain.
Fibre Fix repair tape. 100X stronger than duct tape.

"Gronk" Insulated
Ice Shaker
Vibes Acoustic Hearing Protector
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Luminaid Solar Inflatable Light
Kwik Hang Curtain Bracket. No screws/nails, no holes in woodwork.
Paint Roller Cover. No rinsing rollers. Let sit overnight.
Buzzy Ice and Vibration pack. Relieves pain while amusing & distracting!
Bamboo Washable Cleaning Towels
Scratch free Scrub Daddy. One of Shark Tank's biggest successes!
Talki WiFi plush toy. You can talk to your grandkids without phone. Private line.
Tutu Blue UV protective bathing suit.
Rescue Streamer Kit. Women, men LOVE this kind of gift.
Bridal Buddy helps you use bathroom in long gown!
Could you be successful inventor?