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Baba has researched these foods to make sure they are top nutritional quality, and are not tested on animals in laboratories. She has witnessed these tests, and can tell you they are only for purpose of company knowing how much cheap, moldy grain and sick animal products they can put in their foods before killing your pet outright! This is why crap food is cheaper---but companies make huge profits. Quality food makes your pet have longer life and saves on vet bills, big time.
Acana Origen dog food. Angus beef, Suffolk lamb, Yorkshire pork. Grain & potato-free.
Pooch & Mutt healthy breath dog bones. Chicken, parsley, peppermint & chicory, a prebiotic digestive aid.
Stella & Chewy's raw, freeze dried SuperBlends. Many flavours and meal choices under this superior brand.
Honest Kitchen Human Grade dog food. Free range chicken, range-raised beef & wild caught fish. Grain-free.
Honest Kitchen cat food. Human grade, free range chicken. Grain free.